Make Pricing Arguments Go Away!

Pricing a home can make or break a deal. Take That Listing allows you to easily compare the subject property to comparable homes, taking into account the subject's features and updates.

Now you can show your client an easy to read, side-by-side, comparison of homes with dollar differences in a gradated column showing the differing features between houses, suggested price adjustments, and it's all automatically done for you!

Easy To Make

Simply put in the features of your clients home and the features of up to three sold comps and the program does the rest! Finally, a clear way to illustrate to your clients that you are including the value of the updates they have made; such as countertops, bathroom remodels, finished basements, etc.

Easy To Present

You can even adjust the suggested price for subjective items, subtracting from the price for a property too close to power lines, or adding to the price for a particularly nice lot. Imagine how easy it is to get that listing at a sellable price when you can show them, in black and white, how you arrived at your price.

Easy To Understand

The CMA is presented in a familiar, Excel-like, format in less 10 minutes! This side-by-side comparison of homes, with dollar differences clearly shown in gradated columns, establishes your authority to properly price the home to sell as quickly as possible at the best price possible.

Easy To Sell

No one wants to "leave money on the table" and using the Take That Listing system to price your client's home will assure them that you are considering every aspect of their home, and the market, to get them a price they will be happy with. As a bonus, the very low learning curve maximizes agent productivity!